Tailgate Project

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Promoting the STEC project brand and increasing thermometer use

In addition to the reasons why you will want to attend this weekend’s game; tailgaters, especially the one standing behind the grill preparing the food, will be tracked down and handed the ultimate tailgating package. These packages are equipped with essential tools; a koozie to keep your drinks cold, aprons to keep that sauce off your jeans, and a thermometer to be sure your beef is fully cooked- because no one wants to have to leave the tailgate because they ate undercooked beef.

Partnering with STEC CAP, 5 Institutions including North Carolina State, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Kansas State University, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will distribute 100 packages with materials ideal for the safety of any cookout, including an apron, thermometer, and a koozie in an effort to bring awareness of beef safety the prevention of E. coli-related illnesses this tailgating season.

This coordination with the University is a part of STEC-CAP’s #Grill160ToKill campaign, a creative and fresh push for the education of foodborne illnesses among college-aged individuals.  Email grillit2killit@gmail.com if you would like more information on the research study. 

Twitter handle is @grill160tokill .

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