Education & Outreach

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Education & Outreach

STEC CAP Student Internship/Externship Program, Workshop & Field Trip Experience

Competitive internships for undergraduate, graduate or veterinary/public health students will increase participants’ knowledge of applied microbial food safety, animal health, meat/food processing, risk assessment, consumer sciences, and food safety education/communication. Interns will earn a $4,500 stipend by working in the field and in the laboratories of STEC grant investigators for a defined period. Fieldwork will be supplemented by discussions, technical writing, professional presentations, and performance evaluations. Upon completion, interns will present their achievements at the annual STEC CAP conference; subsequently, interns will be encouraged to apply for an additional sponsored field trip experience through the Frontier program at Kansas State University to learn about homeland security, food safety, food processing, agriculture policy development, etc. An externship program will bring 4-H, high school, junior college, and undergraduate students to the campuses of collaborating institutions to observe how science is being used to address significant food safety and public health challenges. Externship students will job shadow STEC CAP investigators in a laboratory or field setting for a period of one to two days. A defined number of internships and externships will be reserved for applicants from minority serving institutions.


Bringing real-world laboratory and field experience to students will help get them excited about food safety related disciplines, and position them to effectively communicate the importance of scientific research related to food safety. These experiences may also serve as the catalyst for students to consider a career as a food safety professional.

STEC Training Modules

The STEC CAP partnered with the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University to create online training modules. The eleven sections of the training focus on STEC prevention during pre-harvest and post-harvest practices. To take advantage of this free, educational outreach, register at Animal Care Training. Or, to read more about why the STEC CAP and BCI worked to provide a comprehensive training course in E. coli prevention in the beef industry, read KSU's press release.